Solid Growth and Low Inflation

The President’s sudden and surprising interest in coddling his chief detractors in the Democratic Leadership is almost unbelievable. It seems his disparaging comments directed at Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and labeling them with unflattering nicknames is a far cry from date night at the Whitehouse with the Donald. Maybe a revisit of the tapes with the Gipper and Tip O’Neil burying the hatchet for the good of the people has given him a new outlook and path forward. I certainly hope so and furthermore hope the Republicans who oppose this change in direction, start thinking about the midterm elections which will be here in a flash.


On that point alone, while putting the natural disasters* and North Korea’s belligerent behavior aside, several polls show the Republicans are looking somewhat out of favor for 2018. The President’s very low approval rating of 36 reported in a recent Washington Post- ABC News poll is no doubt a catalyst for the Democrats to up their organizational efforts.


To restore order and confidence in our elected leaders The President should do the following now. Most of the discussion and arguments on the following recommendations have already been made. After their cozy dinner the President, Nancy P. and Chuck S. should be ready and capable of leading their parties to quick agreement on the following agenda:

1. A quick and favorable decision DACA (undocumented workers);


2. Passage of a Tax Package that reduces both Corporate and individual Tax Rates funded partially by budget cuts;


3. An overhaul agreement on Obamacare signed to by both Parties (Pelosi and Schumer to sign )with deadlines included.



*  The devastating Storms and Flooding Texas and Florida have endured certainly have created a very tough short-term environment for everyone involved. The massive clean-up and reconstruction that has already commenced will produce an enormous positive impact in the affected communities that will be felt for years to come.