Harry and the Donald

My sense from colleagues and clients alike is the that the story we are witnessing is a cause for genuine concern. From my viewpoint, The Presidents few good “accomplishments” are being lost in a constant barrage of the President’s 3 B's - Boasting, Berating, and Bullsh….g some that still think of him as a friend or ally.


To leave his mark on the Presidency he needs to stay focused on the things he can change and forget the rest of the noise. Healthcare has to be fixed somehow and it’s his problem to solve. He won’t get any help from the Democrats with his three b’s as his tools. It is time to find out if his Art of the Deal is Fact or Fiction.  If healthcare gets FIXED with his leadership no one will deny him credit. The same came be said for taxes, rebuilding our military and infrastructure. He can take all the credit he deserves !! Maybe he has finally realized how big the task really is. Intimidating YES, Impossible NO.


I came across a great story today on the Marshall Plan and the giant of a man who led the Great Effort. Upon returning to Missouri after World War 1, Harry Truman opened a Haberdashery in 1919. It prospered for the first two years but fell into bankruptcy during a recession in 1921. His career was certainly not over. Harry Truman became President when Franklin D. Roosevelt died while in office.  World War 2 left catastrophic failure of many economic institutions and security arrangements made in the post war years. President Truman’s administration came to the rescue was a catalyst in the creation of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund the World Bank and NATO just to mention a few of his achievements.


THE MARSHALL PLAN and “America First” is liked here. It is accounts of great presidential achievement in very difficult times. This story is authored by Benn Steil who is the Director of International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. I am passing it on to the President with the hope he can set aside his tweeting to read this and be motivated or embarrassed into making good on his campaign promises.


My apologies to any of you I have offended but it was time to get it off my chest!