Wartime Footing

Well, friends, there are many comparisons being made these days to World War II.  In my mind, the obvious point is that we’re fighting a global battle with very challenging fronts. The Coronavirus seems to be cropping up in many densely populated U.S. regions and across some very densely populated spots ”across the pond.” Pardon me for borrowing the very popular WWII phraseology. I can’t help but hear Winston’s frequent, moving speeches to his countrymen to take up the challenge.


Today the war we must fight has two powerful fronts: 1) the health front, or the virus cycle timeline and 2) the economic front, or the cost to fight this. 


The Coronavirus seemed to sneak up upon us with little warning. The virus was operating in fairly full sight yet our leadership seemed to miss the evidence. The epidemiologists at the World Health Organization have identified a fairly consistent bell curve circle lasting approximately 70-80 days from beginning to end. China, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore have all had confirming evidence before the U.S. identified an outbreak in some of our more populated regions.


The lack of training, supplies and established protocols has pushed the estimated costs into the trillions. The policy of having our workforce idled will put a big dent in our 1st and 2 quarters’ GDP. Funds committed in the first $2 trillion bill will start working their way into the economy by the end of April.


Both our political parties seem to be fully onboard to do what must be done. More to come……