The Battle to Dominate the News Cycle

Is it really well-researched news based on fact, or are the top news providers fashioning the headlines to capture market share?


A cynical view on my part, I guess, but more in-depth information on gains in accelerating vaccine development might be of greater value to readers. COVID-19 news dominated the news last Friday. Most of it had to do with increases in caseloads.


Once again, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stressed to Congress on the 30th that getting the coronavirus under control is essential to mount a serious effort to reboot the economy. More money is clearly needed, but a major compliance effort to enforce renewed social distancing guidelines is needed as well. It should be obvious to anyone who views or reads the news that separation from other humans has worked in slowing the growth. Once we back off on these standards, we are opening a pathway to much more infection than our population can withstand.


The evidence of recent hot spots of virus growth and spreading has brought both political parties together to agree upon more funding programs to support the economy. It is expected that a bill will be ready for the President to sign in the next several weeks.


The stock markets have continued to show some renewed strength based on the rumors of more funding on the way.