Sound Investment Strategies During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is still with us for the time being. How long will it last? Most real experts know better than me to try and predict.


Rather than guess, a few very trusted strategies are worth reviewing again and putting them back to work in your investment account. Remember how well dollar cost averaging works. Setting aside a set dollar amount on a regular basis may allow you to get some very good discounts on some very good companies, especially if the coronavirus stays with us for a while longer. To prove this to yourselves, “Google” a chart on the long-term investment performance of the S&P 500. I am sure that you will be kicking yourself after looking at the chart for just a few minutes and studying the actual performance surges that did occur after past flu-type calamities stalled our economy.


If this makes some sense and you are sitting on too much cash, think hard about dollar cost averaging with some of your “underinvested funds.” On the same theme, don’t try to find the market bottom because you probably won’t, like most others who have wasted their precious time.


Europe, as you may have read, has done much better than the U.S. at beating back the virus and bringing the spread to a stall. I am not sure that the Europeans will give us all of the secrets but we can certainly consider researching their best companies that are making some headway on developing the vaccine that we will likely gain access to.