Consumerism v. Pandemic Spread

As I see it, these are the principal forces at play. There is a lot of other noise to confuse the issue. If we can control our citizens’ behavior on certain social activities that draw crowds, we can probably reduce the coronavirus death rate while identifying and bringing our best COVID-19 vaccines into practice. 


Leaning toward active management (and their proactive research format) are probably better candidates to find the scientific winners to produce the vaccine we need. The point is that our portfolios should reflect a slight bias to active investment management versus passive (ETFs, or exchange-traded funds).


Given the many announcements all centered on the virus on what might happen and when and who might develop the necessary vaccine will provide the atmosphere for a bumpy market ride until the new year. My own beliefs based on the research sources I read suggest that we will be back to a better market environment by late 2020 or early 2021. I am working several ideas that could add some support to the outcome…. more to come.