A Better Story on Coronavirus

It seems that most of the headlines these days are about the coronavirus and how much worse the conditions are. 


If you read between the headlines, there are actually some words of encouragement. The best news appearing in the most reliable news sources is that social distancing is indeed bending the curve, concluding therefore that the U.S. should avoid the worst-case scenario. 


In second place standing for best news announcement is that, after some televised fencing, it appears some of the most prominent governors and the president have stopped squabbling in public over who would actually be in charge of the effort. Secretly they have probably concluded that there is plenty of work and recognition to go around. Squabbling over what the press might ask next, there also seems to be plenty of speculation on the partial opening of the economy and an official timing date.


According to the SBA, today $350 billion has been allocated to small businesses to cover employee payroll, rent, mortgages and utilities. As the original $350 billion is expected to be depleted shortly, Congress has already asked for an additional $250 billion to supplement the need.


The stock markets are known to be quite astute at anticipating good news that could affect the markets.  Finally, the First Quarter earning season is underway. The best U.S. companies get to show the investing world what they have been doing in the last 12 months. The markets can move up or down with the news. At least it will be something different in the news cycle other than the coronavirus. More to come.