What Caused The Market Selloff

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The best market technicians are still busy debating the cause of last week’s selloff.  While we are waiting for their answer I thought I would share some statistics on this ugly occurrence that always seems to occur when we least expect it.


Market Correction to Date

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We have talked about the likelihood of a market correction several times in the past. I have been in the investment business since 1973 and have experienced quite a few corrections in that 45-year span.

An Aging Bull Market

Despite the subject line, the current bull market still is showing some amazing bursts of growth. As the numbers shake out, the second quarter of this year, growth in the economy registered at an impressive 4.2% annualized rate. Part of this performance is probably a surge in...

Shifting Sands

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Late summer is a good time to review our yearly progress and make adjustments in our asset our allocation decisions If needed.

Mid-Year Outlook 2018

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It is turning out to be a good year. Despite a modest regression in the first quarter and following a very strong 2017, 2018 is showing good signs. The balance of 2018 once again looks rosier.


Market Conditions

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Economic conditions continue to be strong but are starting to fray on some of the edges. The first quarter, when all the results were in, was somewhat weaker when compared to YOY comparisons. However,


Drifting Sideways With Hope

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It should be quite clear that the market as of late has not kept pace with the strength of recent earnings growth.


The News; The Good, Bad and No Ugly


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We did have a bout of market jitters in the first quarter caused by fears of an all-out trade war and some non-farm payroll decreases ( that were probably weather related) that signaled an economic slowdown.


The Battle Over Trade and Tariffs

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I spent a good part of last Friday at Wellington Management in Boston focused on the global markets, trade, tariffs and what could become a protracted and heated exchange between the U.S. and China.


Ready, Fire, Aim

Hi, folks: the first quarter started fast, and soon turned into a bumpy ride. Volatility, long absent, has returned and shown itself in both positive and negative short-term moves. We started the New Year with a stock market that was fully priced by most measures. I believe that the threat of imposing tariffs on imports from some of our most important trading partners could have been the catalyst that triggered the first large (700 point decline).