Consumerism v. Pandemic Spread

Leaning toward active management (and their proactive research format) are probably better candidates to find the scientific winners to produce the COVID-19 vaccine we need. The point is that our portfolios should reflect a slight bias to active investment management versus passive (ETFs, or exchange-traded funds).


Sound Investment Strategies During the Coronavirus

A few very trusted strategies are worth reviewing again and putting them back to work in your investment account, such as dollar cost averaging.

The Battle to Dominate the News Cycle

Are the top news providers creating headlines to capture market share? More in-depth information on gains in accelerating vaccine development might be of greater value to readers.

More News on Coronavirus Research

This article, published in DOD News, provides an overview of "Operation Warp Speed," a national effort to accelerate the manufacturing of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Status of the Stock Market

It appears that a stock market recovery is underway.

Coming Up for Air

There is plenty of evidence appearing on a fairly regular basis that confirms the recovery is underway. 

The News Cycle

The coronavirus and every aspect of its growth or retreat continue to be red meat for the news writers and broadcasters. 


A Better Story on Coronavirus

If you read between the headlines these days, there are actually some words of encouragement.




Wartime Footing

There are many comparisons being made these days to World War II. We're fighting a global battle with very challenging and powerful fronts: the health front, and the economic front.



Bad Markets Improve Buying Opportunities

The “coronavirus downturn” is delivering some significant buying opportunities.  Recognizing the sell-offs’ value could help reposition portfolios to recoup recent losses.